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About My Headspace Blog

Welcome and thank you so much for joining me! I have been a practicing therapist since 2007, as well as an avid reader, a hiker, a doggy mom, a friend and wife, and a parent of other humans. Therapy is a dynamic process, so I am learning all the time from the wonderful individuals and families that I have the privilege of working with. This blog is a culmination of all of these roles, books I've read, and other learning experiences.

I own a small, private counseling and coaching practice in Castle Rock, Colorado. When I started my practice in 2015 my goal was to be an asset to the Castle Rock community, to partner with as many individuals and families as I'm able. I am writing this blog as a way of connecting with more people than I could possibly see individually in my practice.

This blog will focus on the general themes that I notice are frequent patterns in my practice. I will write about boundaries, flexible thinking and problem-solving, goal setting and motivation. I am a DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) trained clinician, so I often focus on changing rigid thinking by exploring dialectics, or two concepts or ideas that at first glance appear to be conflicting, but actually aren't.

This blog is meant to be interactive. I'm happy to share a dialogue, answer questions if I'm able, and share resources. I'm a teacher at heart, and I believe that there is truth and healing in dialogue. I'm very excited to hear your story, and learn from your perspective and experiences. I will be posting information about books and podcasts that I have found very helpful, but I also welcome any resources that readers are willing to share. Many of the books that I have learned the most from have been suggestions from client's, so I hugely value these.

This blog is not meant to be a replacement for therapy, however I do hope that I can effectively describe useful tools and ways of thinking. This blog might help readers who haven't participated in therapy to clarify whether or not Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy would be helpful. I write like I talk, so please forgive grammatical errors. I'm new at this. I very much believe the old saying that: "In order to be good at something, you have to be willing to be bad at it first." So this is me, being willing.

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